ello ello

and wow im back
and NZFW week is here, i have tickets to most shows this week which is crazyy and which i would also love to attend but my Fashion work a uni atm is hellish so only probably can do 3 out of the 6 that i could have gone too.
images taken today backstage at Starfish x Juliette Hogan x Sera Lily


5pm, morning for some

today was beautiful, a shame i missed out on it though. 5pm wakeup call
whoopsy, fashion week in a bit, the mission to go starts now


tomorrow is the start of the end

hot mod
hot bod
the quest for beautiful


Love me hate me

1st of june today, half the year almost over. too weird, too soon and
so much work to do,,



and ill be the lion and you can be the happy and she she will be a frog

a good amount of friends
a good amount of presents
a good amount of booze
a good amount of boyfriend
equals a goo gooo good night

wowie what a weekend. it was my birthday on the friday and i had a little kids themed animal party at mine. suprises suprises how can one not like them. teapots and mad hatters (more formally known as my friends)