goodbye snickclog

so iv been wanting the Jeffery Campbell Snick Clog for forever now and was waiting for the next stock to arrive back in counters so i can be first in line for them. Seeing as my size sold out in less than a week.Just found out that there is no more anywhere! and of course i need a clog for this season
Can the Franklin replace the Snick?

so heres my wee little confession, for a while now i have been a tumblr fein and am always blogging whatever comes and goes in my life good, bad and shit. nothingreally is pretty much a blog about me, photography, fashion, music what ever goes really. justdressingdaisy my fashion blog. nothingreally my minds blog
keeps me sain


to good to fast

wish list #8

late night antics

give me something to look forward to


women with wine are one to dine

such a beautiful editorial
Sylvie Malfray for Harper's Bazaar Romania, Model- Nicola Haffmans
still on the hunt for a dress to wear to my cousins wedding seeing as the much wanted dress from RUBY hasn't arrived yet, but time is ticking im leaving for Wellington on fri! AH cant wait


some day soon would be preferred

pics of nothingness that i love. or that make me happy or something
clothes to come
bought thee nicest boots today from the little op shop in Kingsland,the name will come to me soon. leather on the outside inside top and bottom. have not taken them off all day.
this is love