Love me hate me

1st of june today, half the year almost over. too weird, too soon and
so much work to do,,



and ill be the lion and you can be the happy and she she will be a frog

a good amount of friends
a good amount of presents
a good amount of booze
a good amount of boyfriend
equals a goo gooo good night

wowie what a weekend. it was my birthday on the friday and i had a little kids themed animal party at mine. suprises suprises how can one not like them. teapots and mad hatters (more formally known as my friends)


if your not here tomorrow can you be here on the 14th?

The Cobra Snake Photography x Stolen Girlfriends Club fashion

We get to see what nobody's seen yet
came across the new STOLENGIRLFRIENDSCLUB collection 'Back to the future' a few days ago and i dooo like ALOT. the effortless look, throwing together of 2 complete opposites. If only i could get ahold of this before it hits stores cause i bet it'll all be going fast. favourite = 'Dont cry cowboys' tee. birthday present. Please